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Pivot Post Testimonials

"It will double the output of a circle you're grazing. I know that for a fact."
-Mike Mekelberg, Yuma, CO

By using the Pivotal Fencing Systemô to split a circle into 40-acre grazing cells, planting Pearl Millet in the spring and Ebon Rye in the fall, Mekelberg has figured out a way to maintain stocker pasture virtually year-round.

"This is a way for a guy without a lot of capital to really get the most out of his ground without investing lots of money and running the risk of having a crop go bad."
-Bernie Hoagland, Longmont, CO

"There's no other way I know how to do it. How else are you going to keep the cattle on half the circle and still water it without going out and taking the sprinkler off the other half?"
-Rich Nelsen, Yuma, CO

Nelson is describing the Pivotal Fencing Systemô he began using four years ago to milk more flexibility out of his center pivots and more production with rotational grazing on them.

Ron Jespersen of Hemingford, NE battles drought with rotational grazing on irrigated circles. Initially he put up the requisite fence, setting corners for each wheel track, but still having the wire getting tangled up in them was a sheer nightmare. That's why he quickly adopted the Pivotal Fencing Systemô. Ron was so impressed that within two weeks of installing his first Pivotal Fencing Systemô he had already purchased another one.

"It got awful dry. We didn't have feed anywhere else and we needed to find another source. I think this is something that will help us and other manage our resources better.
-Tim Ortner, Holyoke, CO

Ortner is explaining the reason he and his family decded to come in behind the irrigated wheat on one of their circles with Sudan Sorghum. The Pivotal Fencing Systemô allowed them to separate the circle into individual grazing cells and still easily irrigate without letting the fences down.

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