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In the News

Monday, February 18, 2008
1:24:21 PM

"Growing Around in Circles"
   by Wes Ishmael of Beef Stocker Magazine

Innovative fencing is helping stocker operators with pivot irrigation harvest more pounds and boost cattle health...Benefits of rotational grazing...without the traditional labor and management headaches... read more


  • Makes Rotational Grazing More Manageable
  • Graze Half of Circle - Crop the Other Half
  • Utilize Low Gallonage Irrigation Wells
  • Enable More Pounds of Livestock Production per Acre
  • Increasing Utilization of Forages
  • Create Cell Grazing Systems Easily
  • Expands Land Use Alternatives

  • Simple Design - No Moving Parts Adds Durability
  • Functions Well on all Types of Terrain
  • Pivot Crosses the Fence in Forward or Reverse
  • Spring Design Returns Fence to Upright Position
  • Easily Adjusted Wire Height
  • Low Cost

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The Bottom Line

The Pivotal Fencing System� allows livestock grazers to exploit the benefits of rotational grazing by easily and cost-effectively cross-fencing pivot-irrigated forage, dry land roughage, and native pasture, bypassing many of the time-intensive management hassles and costly failures associated with traditional fencing systems.

Picture electric wire attached to spring-loaded fiberglass posts, anchored to the ground with steel t-posts-a fence that will allow center pivot sprinklers, wildlife and livestock operators themselves to push it over and roll over the top of it, then spring back into position without broken wires-and you have an idea of what the Pivotal Fencing System� is all about.

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